Seas of Yellow & Orange

You know those days when everything just seems perfect? You woke up to hair falling naturally perfectly, there isn't a cloud in the sky, your makeup seems to look extra nice, you end up loving your outfit of the day, you eat really great food, & everyone around you (including yourself) seems to be in good spirits. Well, this day happened to be one of them given, I am writing about it a year later. 

October of 2016 my family & I went to North Carolina for a family wedding. We only took a quick weekend trip--Friday to Sunday. On the morning of our departure (Sunday) we all gathered at my dad's aunt's house for a post-wedding brunch together before we went our separate ways.

I didn't wear anything very fancy. In fact, it was a rather basic outfit, but something about it just felt like the perfect autumn ensemble. I started with my favorite white tee & bell bottom jeans. I added the infamous neck scarf & a red belt. Since it was 40* outside I felt a jacket was a good idea, so I went with my olive green bomber. To tie it all together, I wore my tan wedged sneakers. I know, I know...wedged sneakers?? Trust me, this trend is one you must go about very very carefully, but I say if you can find a good pair of these bad boys, go for it! Not only are they sooo comfortable (even more comfortable than my normal sneakers), but they add a bit of an extra lift to your legs. I find this especially helpful when wearing bell bottoms or other flared pants. 

Maybe it was just the sea of yellow & orange leaves or the amazing cobbler I had the night prior, but this outfit (& day) still remains one of my favorites. Make sure to like my pics on Instagram or click the links to recreate this look!!