Anthro SALE Guide

Hey hey! How's your weekend been thus far? Well, it is about to get SOO much better. Last night I spent a good amount of time pulling my favorite pieces from Anthropologie's current SALE so that I could share them with you today! Without further adieu, let's get right into it... 


 A long, blousy sweater is a must. What I find so appealing about this particular piece is it can be worn with leggings & some cool kicks or with tailored jeans & boots, as shown. This sweater isn't anything too out of the ordinary, but the simplicity of it is what I love the most. Also, the two tones add an unexpected element. 

A white button down is a classic piece. Anyone can wear it & you can layer it with anything. However, this top is not your typical button down. The oversized ruffles & bow take this top up a few notches to street style ready. Although it is just a white top, the many "bells & whistles" added to it make it easy to pair with traditional jeans for an easy, go-to outfit. 


Part of the reason I happen to prefer Winter/Fall fashion over Spring/Summer is because of the many layers. Living in a warmer city, my layering options become limited which is why I invest in some lighter layers. I actually happen to have a shaggy vest similar to the one shown above. I view it as I do scarves--a great accessory. Whenever my outfit is just feeling too plain, I throw my vest on & TA DA! Problem solved. 

My olive green bomber has already made an appearance on the blog & trust me, it's not the only post you will see it in. I find myself reaching for it more often than not during this time of year just because it's easy & does the styling for me. This one from Anthro is especially cool just because of the added ruffle & oversized fit. If you don't already have one of these suckers in your closet, I suggest adding this one.


Having a solid pair of sweatpants is never a bad idea, but who says they can't be cute? This pair of cropped culottes is the perfect choice for those days when you just aren't feeling it. By just adding a vintage band tee & your snazziest pair of sneakers, you are all set (& incredibly comfortable).

Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. What even is Fall without jeans? The only issue I find with them is the price which is why I suggest grabbing this pair while they are marked down! The minimal wear & tear makes for the ideal weekend piece.  

I am convinced joggers are the solution to the world's problems...okay maybe not quite, but they are pretty close! Why might I say this? Well, they are very cute, but they can be dressed up or down easily within a second. A silky blouse with a pair of mules for a professional take or some slides & a cozy sweater for weekend wear. They are just so versatile which is why you need to grab a pair. 

When it comes time to go to a fancier dinner, church, or any event in which involves nicer attire I love to have a good pair of trousers to fall back on. This pair I loved because of the use of color. This makes it much easier to find a simple top and pair of shoes to go with. 

Interested in any of these goods? Just click the links to shop them! Happy shopping!


Photographs | Courtesy of Anthropologie