Impromptu Audrey Hepburn Costume

Hello BOO-tifuls!! With Halloween less than a week away, I am sure many of you are still contemplating this year's costume or maybe the thought hadn't even crossed your mind until now... Either way, today I am bringing to you one of the simplest, yet most chic costumes out there--Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Not only is this costume easy to recreate, but also easy to add your own personal spunk to.

First things first, a black dress. I happened to find mine in my mom's closet & thought it worked perfectly! However, if you are having trouble finding one, feel free to go about this creatively. You could always go for a modern-Audrey look by just wearing black pants & a black top. Have fun with it!

Once you have your black dress (or whatever ensemble you chose), find a pair of black shoes. I wore a pair of black pumps (another courtesy of Mom's closet) just for the sake of accuracy. Again, use this as an opportunity to personalize your costume. 


Now comes time for the accessories, arguably the most important part of Ms. Hepburn's iconic look. Make sure to line your neck with a strand of white pearls. These happen to be some I already had, but if you can't find any laying around, Amazon is a phenomenal source of inexpensive jewelry. You can't forget the gloves! Oh, the long black gloves are a must. They are also another thing you can search easily for online if not already found in your closet. To add the final touch, throw your hair back into a bun & maybe even top it off with a diamond hair piece. 

Voila! Now you have a sophisticated, chic costume for Halloween this year! How will you personalize yours? Make sure to let me know!

Don't forget to CREEP it real! XXXX

Photographs | Courtesy of Sarah C. Vanderbloemen