The Best of the People | Dad // Liberty & Leather

November?! How can it be?! First of all, can we get a round of applause for the Astros winning THE WORLD SERIES?!! Way to go H-town!

Now that Halloween has passed, we have entered into Thanksgiving prep time! This so happens to be one of my favorite times of the year for both women AND men's fashion. Today, I am switching things up a little bit--let's talk men's fashion! Not only is my mom a fashion guru but my dad is too. I thought I would showcase one of my favorite outfits of his today for all of you looking for some inspo. 

Sid Mashburn is one of my favorite men's clothing stores. Their shirts, suits, belts, ties, & bowties all use such unique fabrics. They have found a way to take classic looks & transition them to ever so beautiful pieces. In fact, Dad's shirt, belt, & pants are all from Sid's. PSA to all my ladies out there--Anne Mashburn is the women's shop & I would highly recommend it! 

J.Crew Men's is another one of my hotspots. They have a similar style to Sid Mashburn but may be a better option for those of you on a tighter budget. 

The intricate floral shirt is a must. Dad has a few of them, each in different colors. Honestly, I think it is a refreshing break from the typical, pinstripes or plaid. Also, this particular pattern is one of the Liberty Florals (Click here to read about my Liberty Swimsuit from J.Crew). In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with a floral button down.

Dad's belt was handpicked by himself. Overall, it is a rather traditional brown leather belt. However, the brass hook makes for an industrialized style. Who knew a belt would make for such a great statement piece?! 

Dad's pants are a pair of the "Sports Trousers" from Sid's. They look like a much more hipster equivalent to navy blue pants. However, they are 100% cotton so, think of them as a better looking, more tailored, pair of your "nicer jeans". 

To switch things up a bit, Dad's shoes are from To Boot New York by Adam Derrick. They too are a traditional leather loafer. Also, for my guys out there who like the cropped pants, these would pair perfectly. 

Happy shopping & go Astros!!!!


Winnie G. 


Photographs | Courtesy of Winnie Gordon