The Best of the People | Emma // Buffalo Plaid

Since my last day of kindergarten, I have grown up in a family of seven. We are a well-blended family meaning, not all of us have the same combination of parents. As a result, every single one of my siblings and I are extremely different from one another. This varies from our sports, hobbies, interests, taste in food, personalities, styles & the way we look.

This post is the kickstart of a new series I am calling The Best of the People. I'm not quite sure how, but a long time ago my family & I inadvertently agreed to call ourselves "The People". I guess it just happens to be the best word that represents our togetherness & perfectly uniqueness. This series is going to highlight my favorite styles and pieces of my each one of my family members. Get ready to see outfits from the youngest to the oldest, the boys to the girls, & all the different styles between. Let's get this show on the road!

First up is Emma, my 12-year-old sister. This  Buffalo Plaid Dress from Crew Cuts is one of my favorite looks on her. It's a simple piece for a 6th-grade girl to throw on & style on her own. Not to mention, her blue eyes look amazing next to the blue plaid.

By adding a pair of minimal sandals, it can easily be worn throughout the Spring and Summer or swap the sandals for booties and tights and carry it into Fall and Winter. I decided to stick with the navy theme and add her navy Supergas which made for a more casual look. 

This ensemble is a perfect tweenage go-to. I think the balance between sophistication and playfulness is impeccable. Also, due to the busy pattern, there's no need to worry about accessories, I prefer to just keep it simple.

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Photographs | Courtesy of Winnie Gordon

Dress | Crew Cuts, Shoes | Superga