October Playlist

Cheers to October--month #10 of 2017! This other weekend, I went to the Counting Crows & Matchbox Twenty Concert & it was nothing short of awesome. Afterwards, I came to the conclusion that, like clothes, a persons style and taste in music can tell you so much about them. With every song I listen to, I affiliate it with a memory, person, or feeling.

Today, I am sharing with you 7 songs I have had on constant repeat so far this month. Whether I am getting ready in the morning or working on homework, you can be sure to find these tunes playing in my headphones. All of the following (& more!) can be found on my More Sweet then Bitter Spotify playlist.

  1. A Long December // Counting Crows

  2. 3 AM // Matchbox Twenty

  3. Wonderful Tonight // Eric Clapton

  4. Welcome to New York // Ryan Adams

  5. Georgia // Vance Joy

  6. Circle // Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

  7. Flowers in Your Hair // The Lumineers

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