The Best of the People | Grandmother // Plum Purple

Since I was realllly little, my grandmother has always been one of my absolute favorite people ever. Throughout the years we have bonded over our common creativity, love for sewing & quilting, & our favorite color--purple. It even got to the point in which a few summers ago, we both dyed parts of our hair purple. In fact, Grandmother's still is! Not only am I lucky enough to say I have a grandmother with purple hair, but also one that knows her fashion. 

A few weeks ago, the whole family (extended & all) gathered to take some family photos for this year's Christmas card. In prep for the photos, Grandmother made this dress a new addition to her closet. As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the men's clothing store, Sid Mashburn, but I also equally love the women's store, Anne Mashburn, which is where this fabulous purple dress happens to come from. 

Generally speaking, this style dress is by far my favorite look on myself, my mom, my grandmother and the women throughout our family. The belt highlights the waist, while the remainder of the dress lays flat. I also love the cut of the sleeves as they look gorgeous on broad shoulders. As you may know, the mid-calf length is so trendy right now. The length as well as the dark plum color, I think is very appropriate for this time of year. As for shoes, Grandmother is wearing a pair of Donald Pliner suede wedges. She told me she loves the way they come off as normal pumps from the front, but being wedges, are far more comfortable. 

I really appreciate the simplicity of her overall ensemble. By keeping the jewelry to a minimum and the shoes neutral, Grandmother's dress is fully capable being the main punctuation. 

Want to shop Grandmother's Dress? Click HERE!


Want to shop Grandmother's Dress? Click HERE!