A Sweater from the 90s

In my house, I guess you could say, we don't get rid of clothes very easily. For example, I now have a few of my mom's J.Crew sweaters from her high school & college days hanging in my closet. This light pink sweater happens to be one of them. Though it is a few years old, it remains to be in really great condition. However, I have really struggled with how to style it as a modern-day piece. Things like the awkwardly high v-neck, the rather fitted lack of shape, and the shortness of it make it just so 90s. For a while, I just couldn't seem to get around some of these hurdles & thought there must be some other people out there who have found themselves in the same spot. 


After playing around with some different clothing combinations one evening, I think I came up with a doable solution. Instead of layering other jackets on top & covering up the sweater itself, I thought I could layer something underneath it to help fix some of those issues. For this underneath layering piece, I went with a black & white striped button down I purchased from H&M. Just adding some darker colors & a bit of a pattern to such a simple, light piece really helped make this sweater more appropriate for cooler weather.


The added button down ended up being much longer than the sweater which helped take care of that issue. Also, having the collar pop out, really disguised the awkward neckline situation. The only problem that wasn't quite resolved was the lack of shape to the sweater. But I decided, after all, it is just a sweater so I thought it would be just fine if I let that one slide. :)


As for the remainder of the outfit, I decided to throw on a pair of faded black jeans & some pewter metallic loafers. 

For any of you who may have run into a similar matter, I hope this little bit of advice comes in handy. Got any other style struggles? Contact me! I would love to help you find a solution.


WInnie G.