The Trick Behind Accessorizing

Have you ever stood in your closet & no matter how many outfit combinations you come up with, they all just seem bleh. Life is just too short for boring outfits so that is why you must learn to properly accessorize. It may sound silly, but there is a specific art to embellishing an outfit. Here are my 3 main principles you must beware of. 

Color & Texture

Photographs | Courtesy of Ashley Brooke at

The addition of some varying tones & textures is the key to achieving a street style look. Luckily, the cold weather makes this one pretty easy. I am in love with the way Ashley Brooke brought in the fleece & fur to her skirt/sweater combo. This really helped transition her look into a cold-weather piece. Also, her coat really does the work for her. Not only is it texture-blocked, but also color blocked. Certainly, don't fret to incorporate other colors. It may be grayer & gloomier outside, but that does NOT mean you should dress that way. Next time you find yourself piecing together an outfit, grab a faux fur coat, a wool hat, & a pair of velvet booties. Make sure there is some color variation & boom. Your outfit is complete. 

Photographs | Courtesy of Blair Eadie at

Not all outfits are equal

It's important to state the obvious here: some outfits are very basic & others are rather elaborate. I know accessories are so fun to add to an outfit, but they aren't always needed. Basically, the simpler the clothes, the more the accessories & the more elaborate the clothes, the simpler the accessories. Blair Eadie's ensemble is a great example. Here, she is wearing black overalls on top of a striped button-down with ruffled shoulders. She then paired some cheetah print booties with it. Since Blair has mix-matching patterns & textures, there wasn't a tremendous need for statement add-ons. However, this doesn't mean completely avoid accessories. Blair's brown bucket handbag & neutral sunnies were the perfect touch.  


Photographs | Courtesy of Aimee Song at

If you take one piece of advice away from this post, it should be to watch your proportions. The first example that comes to mind is wearing statement earrings with a statement necklace. Don't do it. They are both great & can truly transform an outfit, but you must not pair them together. Say you have a really awesome pair of earrings or some bold bangles that you want to be sure to incorporate into your outfit. What I always recommend doing in this difficult situation, is picking your main eye catcher & then planning the remainder of your outfit around that must-have piece. Take a peek at Aimee's approach. Her Diane Von Furstenberg royal blue disc earrings are obviously the star of the show. As for the rest of her outfit, she is wearing a fitted black turtleneck, winter-white jeans, & some booties. Since her outfit was SO simple, she carried this royal blue speedy bag to tie it all together.  

Cover Photograph | Sarah C. Vanderbloemen