5 Winter Items That Should Be At The Top Of Your Xmas List

It's crazy to think Christmas is only a week away. Most of y'all have probably already gotten your lists to Santa by now, but if you haven't keep reading! Today I am bringing to you 5 items that are essential this winter. Not only may these bring you some inspiration as to what you might ask for for Christmas this year, but they also can certainly help you find the perfect gift for someone else.  

Winter Coat

First & foremost, a winter coat. I know this may seem obvious, but if you don't have a solid winter coat or jacket of some sort, I would recommend investing in one. The pea, the trench, & the bomber are all classic styles you certainly can't go wrong with. 


Beanies & toboggans are forever shown in movies &  media around this time of year. Though they are adorable, they serve a great purpose--keeping you extra warm! Nowadays there are so many really cute hats you can find & often times they are relatively inexpensive.

Grab n Go Sweater

When getting dressed & ready on a cold winter day, it can be very tempting to not throw on a pair of yoga pants & a sweatshirt. This is why I like to have a few "grab n go" options. Basically, these are just sweaters that are cute & comfortable, but they don't require much accessorizing. This is one of my favs because I just pick out some jeans & boots & BOOM! I am ready for my day. Sweaters that have turtle necks, cowl necks, statement sleeves, or fun patterns almost always do the trick.

Best Booties

These two pairs of shoes have probably been my most worn items of winter attire thus far. If you don't currently have a neutral, semi-flat, comfortable pair of booties in your closet, what are you waiting for? Like that "grab n go" sweater, these suckers are the best thing to slip on when you just don't want to even think about what you're wearing. They go with pretty much everything (casual & semi-fancy) & I coul wear them for hours without complaining about my feet hurting.

Chunky Scarf

I decided to save the best for last--the chunky scarf. When in the mountains or in Houston (if it is actually cold) I don't leave my house without being accompanied by one of these. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also make for a great accesory. Since, the scarf itself is so bulking, the top worn underneath & any other jewelry can be kept fairly minimal. Pro tip: if you are traveling this winter, I highly advise you to wear a scarf like one of these on the day you are traveling. When you are on the plane or in the car, they can turn into a cozy blanket!