Silver Sweater

Wow has the weather dropped! In all honesty, though this cold weather is uncomfortable, it certainly makes Houston feel as though we have entered the winter months! This also means it's officially time to break out the sweaters. 

A classic sweater, jean, & boot combo is never a bad idea, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up. Today, I will be showing y'all one of my favorite ways to go about sweater weather.

You may recognize this skirt from a previous post, but that only goes to show how versatile it is. When my grandmother & I chose the fabric prior to making this skirt, I tried to choose something that was interesting but could also be carried throughout the year & various seasons. 

For my top, I decided to accent the metallic silver in the skirt's pattern. I did this by tucking in my metallic silver sweater. This sweater is such a simple, classic cut but the threads of metallic help bring it to life. 

Although the metallic throughout the outfit was gorgeous, I felt more color was needed. In order to incorporate this, I went with this stunning rich purple pumps. Similarly to the sweater, these heels are nothing special in terms of style & structure but the material itself is so pleasing to the eye.