Holiday Gift Guide 2018 // For the Ladies

The holiday time is often marked as a time of giving. Whether it is giving a little something to a friend in a gift exchange or giving to a family member on Christmas morning 

Under $25

Bath Salts & Soaks

Bath salts are a fantastic gift! You can find them in various stores & they are easy to order online. A warm bath is a great way to round out a cold winter night, but if you have some soothing salts to add to it, it becomes that much better.

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A Different Take on Hair Ties

Lately, fashion has decided to approach the classic boring hair tie in a new way. Though these are cool & fun, they can be a bit pricey for such a simple product. Because of this, these snazzy hair ties aren't always something you would just pick up for yourself, but they are a great thing to pick up for someone else.

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A Go-to Lip Balm

The harsh cold is sooooo drying. My skin & lips during the winter need major repairing products & this happens to be my favorite. Yeah I know lip balm, it seems so BORING, but I promise you Smith's is no joke. Not only is this the most moistourizing product, but depending on the flavor you get, the balm itself is tinted. I just love the soft berry-pink color of the minted rose!

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Her Favorite Scented Hand Cream

As I just mentioned, the winter equals dry skin which is why picking up a luxurious hand cream in your lady's favorite scent is an excellent idea. Also, a little goes a long way with this stuff so this tube should last her all winter!

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May Designs Planner

Just a few days after Christmas is New Years! Go ahead a get her a personalized planner for 2018 so she can be sure to carry out all of her New Year's resolutions in style.

May Designs Planner Stickers

Of course to go with her chic planner, she will need some fun stickers to keep her motivated...or just to look pretty. 

Glitzy Earrings

Perhaps you & your gal have some fun plans for New Year's Eve. Give her some beautiful statement earrings to wear for the beginning of the year. 

Under $75

Coffee Table Books

Is she interested in dogs, fashion, beaches, houses, people, other countries, or maybe just the world in general? Perfect! Order her some coffee table books. This is a great gift because it works for just about anyone at any age. Not only is the content of these books so interesting, but the books themselves are like their own works of art.

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Snazzy Waterbottles

Everyone needs to drink water, but why do it in a boring bottle? Exactly, don't. S'wells are my favorite. They are a fun take on the classic metal thermos. Other than them looking adorable, they do a great job at keeping your drinks warm or cold. 

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The Best Panini Press

My grandmother gave me this exact griddler for Christmas last year & not only do I love using it, but the rest of my family does too. The thing I love so much about this specific tool is it is simple to use & easy to clean. Say goodbye to cold turkey sandwiches & hello to warm paninis!

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Under $150

Classic Colorful Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is a kitchen neccessity, but why should it be boring? Le Creuset is known for their brightly colored kitchen gadgets. I think their tea kettles are especially cute.

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Wrist Watch

A watch is one of the most underestimated yet useful gadgets out there. Now, I will warn you they can be extremely expensive so depending on how big your budget is you may want to be careful. However, 5th watches are my favorite! They are relativly inexpensive, they have a simple design, & are very trendy. I have one myself, & it stays on my wrist at all times.

$150 & Above

A Funky Crossbody

Crossbody bags are one of my favorite ways to add a touch of color or personality to any given outfit. It may be a rather risky move to give her a large tote or handbag simply because they are seen as more everyday pieces. A funky smaller bag is almost like a statement necklace or pair of earrings. I think you can't go wrong with this one.

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Winter Wool Coat

The winter is cold & it is certainly nice to be warm. Wool coats are a great idea but they aren't always so friendly with your wallet. If really want to go above & beyond, get your lady one! Before doing so, you may want to do some note taking & decide if she is a classic camel trench or bright pink topcoat.

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Special Sunnies

Sunglasses are another item that are not only stylish & trendy but also super helpful. A new addition to her sunglasses collection would be a great gift! 

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