Fuchsia Favorites

If not already noted, purple is my all time favorite color. As you will begin to notice, the majority of my closet contains shades of lavender, violet, or fuchsia.

As we begin to transition into the fall season, I think it is important to drop the summer styles and begin to seek out the fall trends. I think this outfit is a great example.

Now, your first thought is probably somewhere along the lines of "white bottoms after labor day?". You can ask anyone, I have always and will always refuse to break that classic rule. However, for these next few hours, I think a white denim skirt works great! It really helps balance out the stronger colors in the sweater and shoes. Once we get further into fall, replacing this skirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans would be ideal.

As for the top, I think this fuchsia sweater is perfect. It is incredibly lightweight, which is perfect for autumn in Houston. Even though it is a fairly simple piece, the vibrant color takes over. 

Oh the shoes! Mules have been EVERYWHERE this past season. They work as such a good transitional piece because they aren't as casual as your typical sandal but they still show some skin. I specifically adore this pair because of, once again, the uncalled-for color.

The neck scarf has to be my favorite part of this entire outfit. The amount of times I have worn this accessory in the past year is obnoxious, but I can't seem to get enough of it. It adds so much flare to an outfit as basic as this one, but at the same time is not overwhelming. 

Interested in some of these pieces? Check the links down below!

Photograph | Courtesy of Sarah C. Vanderbloemen