The 5th

Last summer, I was on the hunt for a simple, good quality, but relatively inexpensive watch. For a few months, I had been following a watch company, The 5th, on Instagram. Each time I came across one of their posts on my feed, I fell deeper in love with their watches. Simply enough, I decided to purchase one for myself.

The 5th is a company based off of New York City, NY & Melbourne, AUS. The name itself comes from 5th Avenue in NYC. This particular street sparked inspiration for the entire company. The products are exclusively sold on their website & only released on the 5th of every month. From there, they are available for purchase for only 5 days before the countdown starts again. Coincidently, my birthday is July 5th. 

Originally, watches were the 5th's only product. Not only have they continued to sell their gorgeous watches, but they also sell sunglasses, backpacks, & notebooks. 

Are you just as in love with my watch as I am? Click here to check it out. Interested in what else the 5th has to offer? Down below are some more of their amazing products.


Photographs | Courtesy of Sarah C. Vanderbloemen & Winnie Gordon