Weekend Getaway Series // Labor Day Weekend

As the rules of fashion state, Labor Day marks the end of summer fashion & the beginning of the fall season. This is an exciting time of year: you can whip out your whites one last time, begin to uncover the newest fall trends, & of course, it's a long weekend!! Here are four simple pieces of outfit inspiration that should perfectly suit your Labor Day Weekend. 

Airport Attire


Whether you are traveling to your weekend destination or relaxing after a day of work/school, you will mostly likely want to thrown on the most comfortable outfit you've got. Loose linen pants are perfect; they are so cozy yet so elegant. Besides, you might as well wear your whites while you can! Since these bottoms are on the baggier side, I think it is smart to opt for a simple, fitted tee. Remember, it is never a bad idea to bring in a pop of color, so I went with pink. Continuing with the pink threads, these red & pink pom-pom slides are a fun addition to such a simple outfit. 

Day in Town


A tee, a denim skirt, & sneakers may be considered a boring or basic outfit, but it is the perfect Saturday outfit if you add a little pizazz. Make sure you have a interesting tee shirt. Graphic tees or band tees are always a good choice. Who said sneakers need to be boring? These white Supergas with a rope platform add texture & neutrality. Allow your accessories to do the talking. The red tassel earrings bring out the red in this tee & figure in a girly touch. This complete ensemble has multiple aspects that scream summer, therefore it is a perfect way to round out the season. It also does a great job of leading us into fall with the pops of bright red. 

Sunday Brunch


I don't know what it is, but clearly I am crazy about red. The shoes & sunglasses I am obsessed with. They both add bright color to this dark olive-green dress. In my mind, Sunday brunches are a time to wear a pretty pink floral dress. Obviously, this piece is anything but that. The military style pairs fabulously with a blue neck tie and woven handbag. This outfit combines many different styles, many of which are upcoming fall trends. The out-of-the-ordinary, unusual vibes are what just completely capture me. 

Fall Preview 


Labor Day is so called the time to break into fall clothes. In Houston, that is just not doable. The denim shorts & minimal sandals are both pieces that are compatible with H-town weather. The colors & accessories are what shape this combo into a transitional outfit. I love the embellishments of autumn browns & yellows, but I also wanted to incorporate a lighter color. I choose a light pink sweater to match the pink tigers on the neck scarf. I think we all know this is a much more realistic autumn outfit choice for Houstonians.