Back to School Series // Beauty Routine

I begin my day by washing my face. My favorite face washes are the Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash & the Cera Ve Foaming Facial Cleanser. I happen to have extremely sensitive skin which is why I love these calming & soothing washes.

Once my face is clean & dry, I use the Neutrogena Toner. I have used this specific product forever & can't find anything that beats it. The key feature is it is alcohol free. As I mentioned, my skin is sensitive so putting alcohol on top just is not pleasant. It does happen to also be a drug store product. Not only is it inexpensive, but it's super easy to find. 

Dry skin runs in my blood, therefore I moisturize like no other. Before putting on my moisturizer, I apply a Pure Rose Water Gel. This just is so soothing and smells great. It is also a nice tool for post-run redness. I like to use the Cera Ve AM Facial Lotion on top of the rose gel. I think it is SO important to keep your skin protect from the sun. This moisturizer already has SPF 30 in it, so my face is covered on the daily. 

Now it is time to start my makeup. I think keeping my daily makeup routine to a minimum is the way to go. For my base, I either use the Priori Mineral Powder or the Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer. Both of these are light & quick to put on on. 

As for my bronzer, I use the Kevin Aucoin Bronzer. This specific bronzer also has some shimmer, therefore it doubles as a highlighter & provides a natural glow. 

To add a little bit of color, I use my all time favorite Becca Blush. Along with my bronzer, this blush also has a shimmer to it. Often times with blush, I think they are too pink or too orange or more of a summer product or more of a winter product, but not this one. This particular shade is the perfect pink and works all year round.

Moving on to eyes, I prep my eyelids with this Façade eyeshadow. It is relatively nude & neutral but still has a bit of a sparkle. Overall, this shadow smoothes everything out. I like to considerate it as the 'foundation' for my eyes.

To add contrast and "contour" I use a Jouer Powder Eyeshadow. I like to brush this shadow into my creases and the outer corners of my eyelids for some dimension.  

I very very lightly line the outer half of my top lid with this Façade Eyeliner. For just my day-to-day I am not crazy about the heavy liner look so I try to keep it as minimalistic as possible.

Finally, I curl my lashes and coat them with Mascara!! Mascara is the only makeup product I use that I buy from the drugstore. With how often I swap out my mascara it is just not worth it to by the higher-end ones. Besides, I think the drugstore versions are just as good as any, plus they are easier to find!

It certainly is simple & brief, but that is exactly how I prefer my everyday beauty routine. This quick rundown of a routine also ends up being the basis of other more formal makeup looks.

I hope you enjoyed!! 

XOXO Winnie G.

Photographs | Courtesy of Sarah C. Vanderbloemen & Winnie Gordon