High School Survival Guide Series // Babysitting 101

Have you ever run into the problem of needing a job, yet failing to fulfill the "minimum of 18 years of age" requirement? I can certainly relate & so can many other highschoolers. That is why I love to babysit. It is such a fun job opportunity. If you enjoy hanging out with kids, babysitting can be surprisingly entertaining & fun. Not to mention, these days you can get paid really well!! But before you get started, you MUST be well-aware of my 6 babysitting tips & tricks.

  • Patience, Kindness, & Reasonability // These may appear to be incredibly obvious, however these three key words are essential when it comes to babysitting. If a kid is throwing a fit or arguing with another sibling, try your best to be nice, calm, and use your best judgment past that. Don't forget to use these when interacting with their parents as well. In general, it is a good idea to leave a good impression on the parents. It will lead to possible job opportunities & a lot more trust.

  • Activities // Once the parents leave, you are in charge of orchestrating various games, tasks, & projects. Make sure to remain mindful of the kids desires or requests. My three favorite activities to do with kiddos are: painting, board games, & baking. Double check with the parents to get the okay on baking & painting, as some folks are not a fan of people in their kitchen or getting messy paint out. Other than that, most children love to do all of these things. They work for boys, girls, toddlers, & older kids.

  • Do Not Disturb Mode // Not to sound like your school principal, but try your best to avoid snapchatting, scrolling through your insta feed, & you better not be reading this while babysitting! By staying off your phone, you are able to be more present and engage with the kids. On the other hand, do keep a phone near you at all times in case something happens to go sideways.

  • All Eyes On Kids // Playing off of that last tip, make sure to be watching the kids at all times. Basically, be cautious of where they are & what they are doing. It will help avoid them from getting into too much trouble.

  • Tidy Time // Before the parents arrive back at the house, clean up. Even if the house is a train wreck & you contributed to none of it, pick up. This goes back to "leave a good impression". Nothing is better than coming home to a house that is cleaner than when you left it.

  • Homework // Once the kids are down for a nap or asleep for the night, you will probably have a couple of hours to yourself before the parents get back. I always use this time to finish my homework, study for my next test, or catch up on my current book as opposed to watching TV. I like to think of this as basically me getting paid to do my homework. Sounds pretty motivating, right?

Photographs | Courtesy of Winnie Gordon