3 Keys to Solving the Daily Dress Dilemma

Have you ever had a day when you know you have stuff to do & places to be, but you just don't feel like getting dressed? I can certainly relate. My dilemma is always the desire to look presentable without putting much effort into my OOTD. The struggle is real! 

Believe it or not, there is a way to achieve both of these goals. My go-to is a pair of comfy shorts with a nice tee & fun accessories. Let's dig in! 

Lovely Tees

I have always perceived t-shirts as extremely casual. While they are generally a casual article, by wearing a nicer quality & more importantly, a nicer looking tee, you can finagle this rule a bit. This gray J.Crew linen tee is one of the many I own. I have found these to be great basics because they are classic but at the same time, a bit more pleasant-looking than others. They come in many different colors and styles so I end up wearing them year-round. When the weather begins to cool down (if it ever does), they are great with a pair of jeans and a statement jacket. Make sure to keep your eye out for them because they often are on sale.

Flowy Bottoms

I am sure you have heard the term "flowy shorts" more than once in your life. These become a second layer of skin for me during the unbearably humid months of the year. This specific pair of Trouvé shorts are delicate and dainty. Since they are black, I find no issue with carrying them into fall. Now don't hold yourself back, shorts aren't the only option here. A loose midi-skirt or a pair of gauzy pants also make the cut.

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!

Oof! Try to say that five times fast. Anyway, basic, simple, outfit combos are amazing, but by just including a few accessories into the mix you can take your OK outfit to a stunning street style set. The neck scarf will forever hold a special place in my heart. Unlike a necklace, a neck scarf takes up space and adds a variety of color. I love how this specific one tied together with my red shoes.

My purse & shirt are on SALE NOW at J.Crew. Go get yourself one! More info down below!

Photographs | Courtesy of Sarah C. Vanderbloemen

Shirt | J.Crew, Shorts | Trouvé, Neck Scarf | Zara, Shoes | Toms, Purse | J.Crew,

Sunnies | Ray-Ban, Watch | The 5th