Hipster Houston Coffeeshop Guide

There is nothing like spending a little piece of your Saturday afternoon enjoying handcraft coffee with good company. Even if you aren't a coffee-drinker, various teas & tasty treats are often available.  In honor of #NationalCoffeeDay, I thought I would share with you 7 of my favorite coffee shops from the "Hipster Coffee Shop List" my older brother & I made a while back.  


Catalina Coffee

I would be lying if I told you Catalina is not one of my favs. It's a go-to cozy spot of mine. Sometime last fall, I had something along the lines of a Lavender Matcha Chai Tea Latte--allow me to say, it was fantastic. Make sure to add 2201 Washington Ave. to your list & pop in. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. 


Here is another warm & cozy place you can enjoy a great cup. Not only does Blacksmith serve a combination of coffees & teas but they also offer breakfast & lunch. I personally can't tell you much about their food but as for the beverages, they are to die for. 

Southside Espresso

Connected to the well-known Uchi Sushi Restaurant is Southside. For those of you who have those late night cravings to be at a coffee shop enjoying some steaming tea, Southside is where you should be. It is open until 12 AM & is a great after-party/after-game stop. But make sure to use their valet service when parking. Sarah & I learned that the hard way last fall when we parked our car across the street which evidently led to it being towed... 

Salento at Brochstein Pavilion

Rice University is not only one of the most gorgeous campuses around with its old oaks framing the streets, but also something that highly impacts the Houston area. With all that you think you may know about this college campus, I bet you didn't know about Salento. It is a modern coffee shop that is slightly hidden but lies in the center of campus. It is (quietly) bustling with many Ricees who all are set up, studying throughout the building. The open, airy feel of this place makes it one of the best places to study & dine.

Paper Co. 

My family & I go to Ecclesia Houston, a contemporary church in East Downtown that also has a coffee shop, Paper Co. attached. Their coffee is great! During the times of church services, they also sell breakfast tacos & kolaches. Grab a coffee, a bite to eat & maybe enjoy them during one of the services.

Pondicheri Cafe

Pondicheri is a restaurant that I like to describe as Indian style American food. For example, a classic pastry, like a scone, is made with Indian spices & a bit of a twist. They have a location here in H-town at West Ave. & in New York. Above the main restaurant is their bakery. If you're searching for something a bit different, make sure to try this out. 

Flo Paris French Bakery Cafe

Flo is just one of those places that is so underrated! It being located in Rice Village makes it much easier to get to. Also, the interior is just adorable! Their coffee is great but their food looks phenomenal!

I hope this guide of mine helped you out. Make sure to let me know your thoughs & opinions if you try any of this hotspots! XOXO.