Back to School Series // How to Destress

I talk quite a bit about how lovely Fall time is. How could endless pumpkin spice lattes, cool, crisp weather, and the beginning of the holiday season not be perfect? Well, it is however, this is also a busy time of year with the beginning of school, football season, and other sports and activities. Being a sophomore in high school I totally understand feeling a bit stressed out and so here are a few little helpful hints I use to de-stress.


When you find yourself under stress the last thing you probably want to do is workout. However, I can assure you it is one of the best things for you. Rather than staying cooped up indoors, go outside and be active.  My favorite way to workout is going on a run. It doesn’t have to be long, but just seeing what’s going on in the rest of the neighborhood is reassuring. It relieves your mind of whatever you may be worrying about.

Clean Surroundings and Spaces

Generally, I try to keep my surroundings tidy & organized. If I find myself with a lot on my plate, I really clean. When I say ‘clean your surroundings and spaces” I mean wherever you spend time. Maybe it is your house, your desk, your bedroom, or even your car. By insuring these places are clean, it leaves you more room to deal with your business.

Keep a constant routine/ schedule

I have grown up with a mom who uses a calendar like no one you have met before. Everything is planned out carefully, specifically, and of course, color coordinated. Naturally, I have grown up in a very routine household. It happens to be the only way our family of nine can properly function. This tactic has become a handy tool when it comes to school. I use a physical agenda & iCal on my phone & computer to develop my school routine.  By keeping your academic world consistent, you will be able to count on doing different work at different times. As a result, you should be able to successfully complete all of your homework, study for all of your testes& quizzes and not always be worried about when you will get your work done.


I can certainly relate to those of you who regularly stay up until 1 or 2 AM every night because you unconsciously kept clicking the “play next episode button” on Netflix. I can also relate to those who glance at the clock only to notice it’s 11:45 PM but you still have an entire paper due first period the following day. Although these are both very important matters, your wellbeing rules! To avoid sounding like your Health teacher, sleep. It’s good for you. If you are wide awake and ready to go about your day, handling stressful situations becomes so much easier.

Take Advantage of Your Weekends

Not only are weekends a great time to hang out with friends, but they are also an awesome opportunity to check some things off your to-do list. Whether it is catching up on sleep, finishing a project, cleaning your room, or going shopping, I say, save it for the weekend!