COATSmas // A Coat for Each of the 12 Days of Christmas

What’s your favorite season or time of year? This question is always a tuffy for me because for me, each season has its own list of pros and cons. With that being said, I always have had a little place in my heart for winter, mainly because I love winter fashion and all the accessories that come along with it!

Winter is all about layers and since your coat is typically the outermost layer, it must be as chic and stylish as the rest of your outfit, if not more. With the holidays before us as well as the colder weather, I figured I would share with y’all a few jaw dropping coats that I have been eyeing. Below you will find 12 coats, ranging from traditional top coats, to trendy puffers, to chic faux fur jackets, I even made sure to include some options for the slopes—one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. It’s never too late to add a few goodies to your Christmas list :)

Let me know your favorites and merry shopping!