My Morning Oats

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I mean, you know it’s bad when you sometimes catch yourself excited to go to sleep at night so you can wake up and eat whatever delicious concoction you plan to create in the morning.


For the past few weeks, I have been on an oatmeal binge. Perhaps it’s my want for a cozy start my day, but my oats have definitely become a favorite breakfast of mine. Today I am sharing a few ways I spice up my ordinary oatmeal so you can too. Cheers to no more boring oats!

For the oats themselves, I like to keep it quick, simple, and straight to the point because if I am being honest, anything that doesn’t fall into that category before I have had coffee, is not an option. With that being said, I either use about 1/2 cup of the quaker quick oats or the better oats classic quick oats. I should also note that I heat my oats up in the microwave because using the stove is not nearly as quick, simple, or straight to the point at 6:00am before school.


Once my oats have cooked, I stir in some sea salt (pink himalayan salt if you want to be extra fancy) and a bit of almond milk.

Then, I like to add in some protein for more energy throughout my morning via chocolate PB2 powder. To give you a quick run down on PB2, it is essentially an all natural protein powder than is the peanut butter with all the oil extracted. This way all the fats are removed, leaving just the protein. If I want something a bit more hearty, I will add about a spoonful of Justin’s Almond butter (the maple, vanilla, and honey flavors are super yum).

As for toppings, I always start with a couple handfuls of whatever fruit is available. Typically, this is just blueberries, but sometimes I go for a banana or even frozen berries that somewhat melt into the oatmeal. Sliced almonds, chopped cashews, or shredded coconut are always good too. Another one of my favorite toppings is granola. I know this may sound like a strange topping to add to oatmeal but I love love the extra crunch. As pictured, some of my favorite granolas are by the brands Purely Elizabeth, The Toasted Oat Bake House and Kitchun’s No-Grain-Ola. As for The Toasted Oat granola, it is a soft granola (game. changer.) and it can be kinda tricky to find in stores so look for it in Central Market or on Amazon. The No-Grain-Ola is exactly what it sounds like, a granola that is made with a mixture of nuts and seeds (more like a trail mix of sorts). And then of course, I without a doubt, always make sure to sprinkle on a hefty amount of ground cinnamon.

Annnddd there you have it! That is pretty much the complete run down on how I make and prepare my oatmeal—my current favorite breakfast. Have any other post requests? Leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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