Ski Style in Deer Valley

For whatever reason, this year while skiing, the retro style ski attire seemed to dominate the slopes. Particularly the brightly colored suits from the online store, tipsy elves. I was so enamored by such neat ski attire that I actually asked these random skiers for a pic so I could show y’all!

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite suits on the mountain, as well as some other ski suits that you can purchase! Make sure to check below to shop!


Ok. I just love the neon on top of purple suit. Anyone else getting some Saved by the Bell vibes? I even stopped this guy in the locker room the morning of to tell him how much I loved his outfit and then coincidently caught him at the top of a run to snap a pic!


The patriotism is on point here. Too bad you can’t ski during the 4th of July because this would be a fabulous outfit choice!


The bright rainbow stripes are just so cool and a ski suit of purple and pink?! Yes, please.