A Day in the Upper East Side // Pop of Plum

Back in the fall, these purple velvet pants appeared in one of my favorite stores, Zara. It didn't take long before they were sold out, but as soon as they were restocked, I made sure to grab a pair. I think the combo of the rich color & the unique texture makes for the perfect winter statement. 


When wearing them recently in New York, I styled them with one of my go-to knit sweaters. This loose sweater did a great job of covering the elastic waistband of my pants. I also loved how even though the sweater itself was not too plain or boring, it certainly did not take away the wow-factor of the pants. 

Coincidently, my Dr. Martens happen to be the exact color of my pants. Some may argue this was "too much purple" however, I say that is quite impossible. Not only did these bold shoes take the overall outfit to another level, but they also did not fail to keep my feet 100% comfty the entire day of shopping.


I then carried my light pink pea coat with me throughout the day to throw on when the wind began to pick up.  

Annnndddd to top off this look, I decided to go with this pair of neon pink pom pom hoop earrings. They are super lightweight so I was able to wear them the entire day, no problem. I have to say, I got so many compliments on these guys. I guess everyone loves a pop of color!