A Weekend of Eats in New York City

Hi, lovelies! I know everyone's schedules vary quite a bit during the springtime, but as for me & my family, this week is our first one back to reality after a long & ever so relaxing spring break (more to come later, stay tuned :)). 

Back in early February, for President's Day weekend, my sister, parents, & I flew up to NYC. We started planning all of the details of this short trip back in September, including the most important part, the food. As seen on Instagram, various magazines, & throughout all other media, NYC is known for its incredible surplus of outstanding & unusual food. We had to make sure we got as much in as possible during our time there. Honestly, I think the four of us did a pretty amazing job at conquering this city's abundance of food. 

With spring break, long spring weekends, & summer all around the corner, I know this is a popular time of year to travel. For any of y'all who may find yourselves in the big apple anytime soon, here is a rundown of some of New York City's finest places to dine & grab a bite:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Jack's Wife Freda // SoHo


This hipster, Mediterranean diner was one I had heard so much about. Not only is the restaurant itself adorable, but the menu was just mouth-watering to look at. We dined here for an earlier breakfast. Each of us ordered a rather savory dish (Mom: Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato & Haloumi, Dad: Madame Freda, Sarah: Green Shakshuka, & Me: Maya's Breakfast Bowl) & then all shared a little sweet something--we went with the famous, Rosewater Waffle. I did appreciate how simple & relatively healthy each dish was. I can't speak for the other times of day, but if you are planning on grabbing breakfast, make sure to get a table prior to 8:30 AM. Past that, the line was out the door! 

BXL Cafe


When my aunt & uncle lived in NYC a few years ago, BXL was apparently one of their go-to spots. In fact, my parents ate here a few times when they came to visit them. After a long morning of traveling, we settled on this Belgium cafe for lunch. The four of us ordered the Croquettes aux Crevettes & the Gâteau de Fromage de Chèvre for our appetizers. Given that this is a Belgium cafe, they are huge on their mussels, so we then shared two buckets of them. From the variety of broth options, we settled on the Provençale & the Thaïlandaise. Tip: Once you have eaten a majority of the mussels, dip your bread in the broth!


I have been a long time follower of Eataly's Instagram (@eatalyflatiron). We spent the majority of our last day in the city, around SoHo & Greenwich Village so out of convenience, we grab lunch at Eataly. If I am being honest, I knew absolutely nothing about Eataly except the obvious, it had something to do with Italian food. Turns out, this popular spot is an Italian market. It was crazy to go from the bustling streets of NYC to the even more populated market. Individual pizza, pasta, sandwich, fish, coffee, & dessert stands are scattered throughout. With an overwhelming amount of delicious-smelling options to choose from, we settled on some classic paninis & a customized cannoli. The food was incredible but I wish I did a bit more digging prior to eating here just so I could have had a better idea as to what the best things to get here are.

Pepe Rosso

This cozy trattoria is nestled in New York's Little Italy. Even though we ate dinner on the earlier end, Pepe Rosso was not at all overcrowded which was a nice break from the crazily crowded streets & stores. I loved the authentic Italian food served here. It was simply tasty & really comforting after a long day of travel. I ordered the Gnocchi, Mom ordered the Black Fettuccine (the "black" part comes from squid ink!), Dad ordered the Fettuccine, & Sarah ordered the Penne Tre Porcellini. All in all, this is an awesome option for a fairly casual, yet yummy place to dine.

The Pool


After reading the great reviews about The Pool in Wine Spectators August Issue, my Dad was determined to find a time to check this place out while we could. The four of us enjoyed a lovely dinner together at this trendy new restaurant. The Pool, a seafood restaurant is connected to The Grill, a steakhouse. Though we only briefly glanced at The Grill, it looked great. As for our dinner, I think unique is a great way to explain it. I know we all certainly loved the food, but I what I enjoyed most was how they took seafood, which to me is great but nothing super fancy, & made entirely new & different dishes from it. Even down to their dessert, the frozen yogurt sundae toppings were rather uncalled for, buy delightful at the same time. 

Sushi by Bou

Sushi is just one of those foods that I could honestly eat forever & never get tired of it. But I will say, Sushi by Bou brought a whole new level to sushi. This tiny underground space only has room for a small sushi bar with 8 seats around it, a mini bar in the corner, & about four extra stools for those waiting on their reservation. In order to get in, a reservation will do you wonders, but make sure to be on time because after two minutes (yes, literally two minutes) your reservation will be given up. In terms of the sushi itself, it is so phenomenal. There is one sushi chef for every four guests. As they prepare your sushi (which is all Osaka), you eat it. This was certainly not a very heavy meal, but it is quite the experience as is super tasty. Tip: I recommend NOT asking what exactly is inside, just pop it in your mouth & enjoy. It's better that way :)

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth (+ Coffee)



Ladurée is a luxury French bakery. It only has a few locations outside of France (none of which are close to Houston) so we wanted to try it out. Also, a HUGE bonus to this sweet spot is, it serves coffee!! I got a few of their famous macarons & they were good. If you are in search of a cafe to grab a coffee & perhaps a sweet bite this is your place. 

Black Tap


Known for their elaborate, over the top milkshakes, Black Tap has been raved about all across social media, so of course, Sarah & I were determined to try it for ourselves. We went to the Broome St. location in the middle of the day on Thursday & to my surprise, there was not a wait of any sorts to get a table like I had heard. Sarah & I ordered The Cake Shake & wow was it a sugar bomb. It was very good & very sweet with a heaping slice of confetti cake on top of the milkshake itself. Whenever I am back in NYC, The Cookie 'n Cream Supreme or The Cookie Shake will be my next try. 

Momofuku Milk Bar 

On our way back to Midtown from the Upper East Side, we stopped in Momofuku Milk Bar to see what all the rage was about. There are a few different locations but the one we went to was truly a walkup with no place to sit & eat. We got coffee of course, along with the Greatest Hits combo which came with their most famous treats such as the Compost Cookie, a slice of Crack Pie, Bday Truffles, Cereal Milk Soft Serve with C'flake Crunch & then ordered a Blueberry & Cream Cookie because why not? These sweets were pretty tasty, but I will say I was a bit bummed that there was no place to sit & enjoy them. Maybe it varies depending on the location? Not sure, but if you are wanting something for the go, check it out. 



Before heading back to Midtown after our day in Lower Manhattan, we made a pitstop at Stumptown, a coffee shop connected to the Ace Hotel, so we could all get a cup of much-needed coffee. The line was certainly long but moved surprisingly quick. We ordered the Salted Mocha which came with some light orange zest cookies. This small shop was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.