The Return of the White Denim (& other white clothing)

Hoppy hoppy Easter to you all! 

Like Valentine's Day, Easter is one of my favorite holidays & times of the year. I really like how it isn't too overdone. It makes the holiday a bit more intimate--you know? Aside from the abundance of really amazing chocolate, Easter highlights the best parts of springtime in my opinion: the pastels, cloudless blue skies, & new blooms.

Easter also officially opens the gate for white pants & shoes! I know I know, this old "fashion rule" is somewhat outdated & overlooked by many people, however, I still follow it religiously. Now until Labor Day, I say bring on the white clothing! But of course, you may need a few basic white pieces to kick off your 2018 spring/summer wardrobe so here are just a few of my favorites. Click the item to shop!