What I Eat In A Day // Summer Edition

Hello hello! Recently, I've had a number of people asking me what some of my favorite meals are and what I typically eat in a day, so I thought I would do an entire post purely dedicated to my favorite foods. This is a brief summary of what foods I have been loving this summer for each meal. Enjoy!


  • Kodiak Frozen Cakes // Growing up, Eggo Waffles were my jam. They're quick and yummy--what's not to love? Well, they are mostly sugar and not a whole lot else so I would be starving an hour after eating breakfast. I then discovered that Kodiak Cakes has started making a version of frozen waffles and pancakes however these are packed with protein so I'm not nearly as hungry. You can read more about Kodiak Cakes in this blog post.

  • Egg & English Muffin // Another favorite of mine is my egg and English muffin combo. Typically my mom scrambles up two eggs for each of us while I toast our whole wheat English muffins. I then add about a tablespoon of the Barton Creek Crossing pumpkin butter to the muffin. This spread not only has a few simple ingredients but I also love the slightly bitter tang it has. 

  • Coffee // I guess coffee isn't really a meal, but I thought I had to add it because no matter what I am actually eating for breakfast, I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee to go with it. I drink just a cup of Keurig coffee with about 1/2 tsp of sugar and roughly 2 tbsp of 2% milk. I have my coffee recipe down.


  • TKY Panini // Depending on what I had for breakfast and what I am planning on eating for dinner, I go for a turkey panini for a more filling meal. I typically use 2 slices of Dave's Killer Bread with some deli turkey, a few slices of tomato, 1/3 avocado, lettuce, balsamic mustard and then I stick it all in the panini press. Click here to shop my panini press. I swear, it is a life-changer. I then complete my meal with a side of sea salt Boom Chicka Pop and a small glass of kombucha.

  • Yogurt Parfait // If I am in a time crunch or maybe just not too hungry, I go for a yogurt parfait. For the yogurt, I either use plain Fage 0% or Vanilla Siggis 0%--just whatever I'm in the mood for. For a little change of texture, I add somewhere around 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of granola. We have kinda been experimenting with various granolas but favorites are Kitchun's No Grain-ola (When Honey Met Maple), Love Grown (Pumpkin Cashew), and for a soft option I love The Toasted Oat Bakehouse (Blueberry Cobbler). I then pile on whatever fruits we have (blueberries, strawberries, peaches, etc.). Then I drizzle some honey and add a dash of cinnamon and voila!

Afternoon Snack

  • Banookies // Whenever we have a couple of overly ripe bananas in our house, they quickly get made into Banookies, AKA one of the most refreshing little pick-me-ups. Click here to read my blog post on how to make these treats. When it's so hot outside, a couple of cool banana cookies taste really good.

  • Bars // If we don't have any Banookies made, I will just grab some sort of bar. Lately, Rxbars and Kashi bars have been my favorites. I just love how they seem to be made with real ingredient yet are still tasty. You can click here to read about my favorite bars.

  • Coffee // Afternoon snacktime is also when I have my second and last coffee of the day. I make it the same way as in the morning.


  • Spaghetti Squash // During the week, my mom cooks dinner and her spaghetti squash dish is one of my favs. She simply bakes the spaghetti squash and then adds turkey meatballs and a garlic marina sauce. Its so delicious!

  • Chicken Veggie Bake // I have also been loving my mama’s Chicken Vegetable dish. It’s fairly simple, just baked chicken breast and veggies. But if you add some balsamic mustard to he chicken....mouthwatering. I also just can’t get enough of the fresh summer vegetables!


  • Dark Chocolate // Dark chocolate has been my go-to recently. A single sqare is perfect for when I find myself not hungry but just wanting to just satisfy my sweet tooth.

  • Nice Cream // Halo top or a Yasso ice cream bar are another good option if I want a more indulgent dessert.