Vogue Covered Walls

A few years ago, I somehow got hooked on the idea of vintage Vogue magazine covers. I purchased three covers from eBay that were all circa 1920. I found the elegance of the art to be so intriguing.

I then stumbled across a coffee table book by the name Vogue: the Covers (as mentioned in this blog post). That book came with 5 more retro covers to add to my collection, however, these covers were from the 1940s. After a while, I have finally gotten them framed and hung and just think they look fabulous!

This new exhibit on my bedroom wall is a combination of my love for art and fashion.


I should also mention the selection of rainbow cards in the cover photo. This past winter, my family and I visited the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the MFAH (read about it here). At the end of the exhibit was a small gift shop where I got a box of the beautiful cards. Of course, they are way too pretty to actually use, so I got them framed!