Mauve Meets Mountains // The Best Travel Attire

To wrap up Summer 2018 and escape the awful Houston heat, my family and I come up to Park City, Utah. After a three hour delay, we made it here Saturday evening. 

Airport attire has always been kinda a deal in my family. I wouldn't say we get "dressed up" to travel, but looking presentable is never a bad thing. I also strongly believe that it IS possible to have a decent, put-together outfit that is still comfortable for a multi-hour flight. For example, my travel outfit Saturday was just perfect. I love this purple jumpsuit with a rather fitted top and flowy pants. Honestly, the pants are so wide, when you sit down on the airplane, you have your very own blanket situation! I then wore my white and gold pumas for comfort and a tom-boyish appeal. 


Jumpsuit // Beehive | Sneakers // Pumas @ Bergdorf Goodman

Photographs // Courtesy of Shannon Nethery