Fashion Month Roundup // Fall Style Seeker 2018

What’s up gals and guys? It certainly has been a hot second! I am not going to lie, these first few weeks of the new school year have been crazy busy with new schoolwork, cheer, dance, and the other stuff that comes with junior year. I’ve certainly had a lot going on but I have also been really enjoying it! Sooo, that all goes to say, now that I have the routine of the new year down a bit more, hopefully I will be able to be more active here on the blog because I have been missing it like crazy!

Anyway, today we are going to be talking all things Fashion Month! With New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week having just ended and us being in the midst of Paris Fashion Week at the moment, there are lots of new looks and styles out on the runways and street that we need to being paying attention to!

I have picked and pulled some of my favorite pics from Instagram of Fashion Month. Each of these pictures somehow demonstrates one of the 5 major trends this coming season. Today, I will be sharing these trends and pictures and my own thoughts on them. This way, you know exactly what should be on your shopping wish list! Let’s get to it!

Bright and Loud

I think we can all agree when we hear the word “fall”, we think colors like orange, yellow, brown, and perhaps darker green. The fall time has traditionally been the time for us to put away our brightly colored clothes from summer and transition to a darker palette. However, this season the runways have brought a different proposition. Throughout fashion month, we saw an array of bright and bold colors, specifically, neon. Although this trend is so different form anything we have seen before, I think it a really fun one!

Per usual both the Milly (top: 2nd from left) and Alice and Olivia (bottom: 1st from the left) collections for this season consist of the brightest color combinations out there. But this trend is even seen throughout the streets of NYC and Paris. Allegra Shaw (bottom: middle) wore her neon plain and simple as a turtle neck while Tezza (top: 2nd from the right) disguised her’s a bit underneath a trench coat.

Life on the Frontier

One of the more peculiar, yet very prominent trends of this season is western wear with a twist, specifically, cowboy boots! Being from Texas, it’s a little strange to see our rodeo attire on the runways, however it’s kinda cool a the same time. While some fashionistas were seen wearing outfits that just screamed western in every way, others tied in just a bit of western to a rather modern look. In the bottom left and right photos, Allegra Shaw and Tezza wore very elegant dresses yet the bandana pattern brought in those western accents.

Revival of the 80s (big shoulders, color combos, ruching, )

Perhaps my favorite trend this fall is the revival of the 80s. I feel like I am forever talking about how throwback styles are the new hot thing, but now they are in and in full motion! We are talking 80’s baby! From the big shoulders, to the ruching, to the color combos, styles of the 80s were dropped throughout fashion month. Similarly to the western trend, you can take your 1980s influence as seriously as you please. Obviously, Saint Laurent went all in with the plunging neck, oversized shoulders, panty hose, and elaborate patterns. At the same time, Rocky Barnes (bottom: right) and Zoë Isabella Poetry (bottom: middle) took a more discreet route.

Prints & Patterns Galore

Okay, okay. I lied. I am really really excited about all the fun prints that are in store this fall! There are three main ones to be on the look out for though: cheetah/leopard, snake skin, and scarf patterns. The coolest part about this trend is it is SO EASY to incorporate into any ol’ outfit. For example, Aimee (top: left) is wearing just a simple sweater with some ripped jeans but then used her mid-calf snake skin boots to tie in a bit of the runway. But of course. you can always go in all the way like Tezza (top: 2nd from right) did with her chetah umbrella and mix n’ match plaid top and skirt.

Futuristic (Oil Spill by elle, foil)

The last trend that we will be discussing today has been barely peaking into fashion month. It is everything futuristic. This includes metallics, foils, sparkles, holographics and really anything on the modern side of things. Elle Magazine perfectly described this trend to resemble an oil spill. Even the oversized contemporary glasses Tezza is sporting (right) are a great articulation of all things futuristic.