Barcelona | Adventures in Spain 1/3

Hello hello! I am back in the states after being in Spain on a school trip for the past 10 days and I just can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! While in Spain, we traveled to three different cities, starting with Barcelona, then to Madrid, and finally, Sevilla. I figured the best way to tell y’all about my time in Spain is to do a post on each city we visited, so today we are starting with Barcelona!

Madelyn, Greg, Luke, and I about to take off from Houston to London.

Madelyn, Greg, Luke, and I about to take off from Houston to London.

We started off by flying 9 hours from Houston to London. We landed in London and had a 2 hour layer over before flying about 2 more hours to Barcelona. With this being my first trip over seas, I was introduced to a little thing called jet lag, aka major tiredness. Therefore, once we got settled into our hotel and all, I took the best hour-long nap ever. Afterwards, we spent some time exploring the streets and alleyways of Barcelona before we all went to dinner at Arcano Restaurant. Of all the tapas we had in Spain, Arcano had some of the best!


For our first full day in Barcelona, we stopped by the Arco de Triunfo on our way to tour La Sagrada Familia, which is still incomplete after being under construction for over a century. Nevertheless, the architecture is so cool and unique—unlike anything I’ve seen before!

From there, we walked to Park Guëll, another one of Gaudí’s masterpieces. We toured Gaudí’s house within the park and spent sometime strolling through the rest. Unfortunately, the famous tile bench within the park, was under construction, so I wasn’t able to recreate the Cheetahgirl moment. I guess that just means I will have to visit again…

Our second day in Barcelona began by us taking the scenic route to Las Ramblas. We walked down by the beach and the harbor. I am sure the beach is so fun in the summertime! Once we got to Las Ramblas, we strolled up the main street, grabbed a coffee, and then made it to La Boqueria Meat Market (one of my favorite parts about Barcelona). There was so much food at the market, I wasn’t able to explore half of it! What I did see/try, was some proscuitto, homemade chocolates, and fresh fruit; all which was amazing!

Before too long, we were off to our next city! Stay tuned to read about our adventures in Madrid and Sevilla and as always, don’t forget to subscribe!!