Gingham & Boots // Rodeo Outfit Inspiration

Howdy y’all and happy rodeo season!! The Houston Rodeo is in full swing and if you happen to live or be in Houston, you MUST go. Rodeo season is my favorite!

One of my favorite things about Texas is how normal it is to wear cowboy boots. Of course, during the rodeo, everyone whips out their boots, but you can also wear them at any other point in the year and no one thinks twice about it. Especially with western wear playing a huge roll in this spring’s trends, you can certainly use this outfit as inspiration whether you are a Texan or not or whether it’s rodeo season or not.

The other week, I wore this red gingham dress with my boots to church. This outfit is simple and the perfect balance of cute and western. I definitely will be re-wearing this to rodeo this year!

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