Settling into Spring & Other Updates


Well, hello hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Over the past few weeks, I feel like quite a bit has happened. A lot of things have come and gone and I am currently settling into these last few weeks of junior year. I have been rather absent over here on the blog for a while, so today I wanted to take a moment to give y’all a little life update and some things to expect on the blog!

How am I already at the end of my junior year in high school?! That’s insane. Next year, I will be a senior and college will be on my mind which is so exciting! Throughout this year, I have been touring and testing and I do have a fairly good idea for where I want to end up, but more to come on that later! Once I get my college plans settled and figured out, I want to do a post on the college prep and admissions process and my very own experience. Let me know your thoughts!

In terms of what’s been going on in my current high school world, I had my school’s annual spring dance concert last weekend. Each year we have a concert in the fall and spring, but the spring is extra special because the entire concert is student choreographed. This year being my third year apart of the Episcopal High School dance department, I decided to choreograph my very own piece. My piece, Ode to the 80s, was a mashup of some of the most iconic movies, songs, and music videos from the 80s such as Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and the Breakfast Club. We had our auditions in November, began rehearsals in January, and then performed it just last weekend. I always love the dance concerts but this year was extra special. I’m not going to lie, choreographing was wayyy more difficult and time consuming than I thought, but my dancers killed it on stage!

The Monday following the dance concert (last Monday) was cheer tryouts. It’s funny, no matter what my current situation is, I have ALWAYS gotten nervous before tryouts, from 7th grade tryouts to now! Nevertheless, I am excited to continue cheering for my high school during senior year!

Throughout this semester, I have been interning for a blogger here in Houston, LifetoLauren. Go check her out! It has been really neat to have a first hand, behind the scenes look at a full time blogger and I have learned so much from it. Essentially, I have been in charge of posting on her Pinterest keeping in touch with her other blogger friends and audience via Instagram as well as working on any other little things she needs an extra hand for. By not spending so much time on some that, Lauren is able to focus more on the legitimate content of each post.

I also finally got around to one of my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions—reading!! I decided I wanted to read 12 books over the course of 2019 and a few weeks ago I realized I hadn’t even started a single book. Currently, I am reading The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy and am loving it. Be sure to be expecting a book review on it in the near future.

Thankfully today, being the day after Easter, I didn’t have school, but this past weekend was busy busy busy. We not only celebrated Easter, but also the life of my Great Granddaddy who passed away a week and a half ago at the age of 92. It certainly was neat to have ALLLL of my family come together. I think we can all agree that we are sad he is no longer with us here, but he lived a long, awesome life that touched each of us uniquely and we are excited to see him again. We also certainly celebrated the way he would’ve wanted us to—lots of food, sweets, and coffee. We love you Great Granddaddy!

As for the upcoming weeks, the school year is quickly coming to a close. I only have four more weeks left of classes, a week of finals, and then I am off for summer! This summer will also be one of my busiest ones yet. With cheer camp, my families annual vacations, and five weeks away at summer camp, I am going to be a very busy bee, but hopefully I will be able to take y’all along for the ride.

Well I think that pretty much sums up whats been going on in my life at the moment. In terms of future blog posts, let me know if y’all have any suggestions! I am thinking about doing a Spring Clothing Haul, Spring trends guide, and maybe even starting a weekly fashion review. As finals are creeping around the corner, I would also be happy to do a revamped version of last year’s Tips for Finals post because I know that was helpful to many of you. Let me know your thoughts via email or the comments below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more!


Winnie G.