Junior Year At a Glance // My Top Tips for High School

Junior year was easily one of my favorites. I got my license a few weeks before so I had the freedom to come and go as I pleased from whatever and that was life changing. My friends were rockstars (you know who you are) and love them for that. School was HARD but at the same time I really did enjoy my classes. I looked forward to APUSH every single day, was so intrigued by anatomy, dreaded Spanish but am still determined to be fluent, and am proud to say I survived the infamous junior research project!!

Well now that I am going into my SENIOR YEAR (I am really struggling to accept that lol) I though I would offer some of my pearls of wisdom that I have picked up over the past three years of being a high school student.

To go along with the blog post, I did a similar video covering this topic so make sure to go check it out!

Understand that High School is different

Obviously High School is different from middle school, but for whatever reason, I remember still being a little caught off guard by how different it truly is. I certainly don’t mean this in a negative or positive way, however, it amazed me to watch people around me, as well as myself, grow up and mature out of their middle school selves. Nevertheless, use this difference to your advantage!! Tryout a new sport, become friends with someone you never even knew, or perhaps rekindle an old friendship that you let seep through the cracks.

Use Your Time Wisely

One of the major differences I picked up on in high school was the increased amount of freedom. Rather than spending your time being starstruck by the new vast amount of time and freedom you have, use it to your advantage!! If you have a free period during the day, do your homework! If you are babysitting on a Saturday night, do your homework! Of course, you don’t need to be studying 24/7, but certainly don’t allow your time to go to waste because what I have found is if you can do your work ahead of time (or just simply on time) you end up having more enjoyable free time later on! Make sense?

Get Involved

One of the neatest things about high school is the large varieties of opportunities the students have to get involved in the community. I strongly encourage you to take those opportunities and do so quickly! What I mean by this is get involved in different sports, clubs, or organizations early on in your freshman year because that is a fabulous way for you to get to know your peers, teachers, and school. If you are already past freshman year, no worries! I encourage you to hop into something!

Do What You Enjoy

As I said, high school offers a lot of activities to do, but they can take up a lot of your time, which is why I recommend only participating in activities you truly enjoy. Of course, you should definitely branch out and try something new, but if you have been doing something for multiple years and you still don’t enjoy it, then simply stop. And DO NOT do something just to put it on your resumé!!

Be Friends with Your Teachers

Having a few teachers that you know you can rely on is so so helpful! You by no means need to be the teacher’s pet, but by simply being kind, helpful, diligent, and respectful in your classes, chances are, your teachers will like you and that is never a bad thing!

Remember that High School is Only Four Years

Although high school can be really glamorized in various movies, tv shows, and books, it isn’t always that fabulous and that is okay. In fact, for some of y’all, high school may be an awesome four years of your life and for others, maybe not so much. But the point is, high school is only four years of your entire life. Therefore, don’t get too caught up in it because you have SO MUCH life to live and SO MUCH to look forward to after your four years in high school. Take it from me. I swear I was an 8th graders two weeks ago and now I’m going into my senior year.