Current Summer Favorites 2019


Hello there!! This week has been busy and exciting and I am so glad to be able to tell y’all all about it!

On Sunday, my family and I returned home from our week spent relaxing in Rosemary Beach, Florida. We had a wonderful time and I was able to spend plenty of lovely hours relaxing by the ocean. However, with that being said, I am certainly glad to be home, to not have sand literally EVERYWHERE, and also to be able to spend the next few days preparing for camp.

So I have mentioned my summer camp a few times (click here to read last year’s camp post) but this year I will not be returning to camp as a camper, but rather a workcrewer. This weekend I leave Houston to spend five weeks at truly one of my favorite places on the planet, camp. At my camp, the summer going into your junior year in high school is the last year you are eligible to be a camper, so that was last summer for me :( the summer going into your senior of high school the only thing you are able to do at camp is be on work crew (for girls) or program crew (for guys). Obviously, I will be on work crew this summer and that means I will be scrubbing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, setting the table, and serving breakfast for a whopping five weeks. I know it doesn’t sound like the most luxurious job, however supposedly it is one of the most fun jobs!!

Although I will be gone for five whole weeks without any wifi or connection (aside from my weekly off days), I have spent the past few days preparing videos and blog posts, so you will still be getting those posts each Sunday!!

Anyway, for today’s post I am going to share with y’all some things I have been absolutely loving this summer and think you might as well! Click links below to shop!