My Workout Routine // Favorite DYI Workout Attire

Hello hello! I am so excited to be working with DYI on today’s post in honor of the launch of their new camo collection! DYI is one of my favorite places to find not only the most comfortable workout clothes, but also some of the most unique! They have just launched a new camo collection as shown in this post’s pictures and y’all should all go shop it using the discount code: CAMO15 !!

Since I am having a little help from DYI on this week’s post, I thought it only seemed right for me to discuss what I do for my workout routine. I would say I have been consistlley working out since about my sophomore year (almost two years ago), however throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, I would go for an occasional run or so.

Nowadays, I make sure to get at least a solid three workouts in each week. This summer, I have tried to aim for more like four a week, but during the school year three is normally enough for me! For me, I have found that if I plan very specific “workout days” then I am sooo much more efficient in actually getting a workout in rather than just figuring it out the week of. By having a routine schedule, I am able to build the remainder of my day around my workout so I can really prioritize it. This past year, I found that working every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday was perfect for me and I really liked having a rest day in between each workout day.

So now that you have an idea for when I workout, let’s talk about what I do for my workouts. My go-to workout is and will always be a standard 2-3 mile jog. Running is just so easy to do whenever or wherever I am and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to get a solid run in. Mom and I actually would run early in the mornings (around 5:30 or 6) on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year because that way we were able to get our workout in before even starting our day at school or the office!

If I have enough time following my jog, I will typically put on a minimal equipment workout video on YouTube and do a bit of strength training. Some of my favorites channels are Madfit, Bailey Brown, and Blogilates. Also Romee Strijid and Karlie Kloss have a few workout videos that I like to follow.

Another favorite of mine are cycling classes! I go to the Rev (aka revolution) class at Define Body & Mind Studios and love them!! I find that these classes are truly the most challenging and fun cycling classes I have done. My Saturday workouts are typically a cycling classes (I like to go to the 9:45 AM class at Define West U with my parents), but when life gets a big busy, I just go for a jog.

Define also offers quite a few other classes that I do love going to such as Beat (kinda like modern jazzercise), Bounce (HIIT workout on a trampoline), Body (Barre), Hammock (Stretching), and Yoga. Rev is certainly my favorite out of them all but I have tried all of their classes and may not enjoy them equally but they all are fabulous workouts! This summer, mom and I have started going to the Define 30/30 class on Thursdays which is 30 minutes of Rev and 30 minutes of Body and it is the perfect combo!!

And that pretty much sums up my weekly workouts! Really, I try to get at least 20-30 minutes of cardio, 3 times each week, mixed in with a little strength training when possible. If you have any questions, let me know! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! XXXX