Off to Camp!!

Happy Sunday y’all! This past week has been my last week at home for the rest of the summer which is just crazy!! Yesterday, I drove up to camp with Sarah and will be here for the next FIVE WEEKS!

Although I will sadly not be a camper this summer, I am going to be on work crew which is essentially a group of gals who clean the dishes and kitchen, serve breakfast, and are kind of the camp’s kitchen maintenance crew.

I know it certainly doesn’t sound all that appealing, but I have heard so many people gush over their time on work crew.

So one of the things I love so so so much about my camp is there is no cell service, so at camp, everyone is forced to disconnect and focus on the real relationships that are being made/built. With that being said, you may be wondering what’s going to happen with the blog and Youtube for these five weeks. Well, don’t worry!! I have spent the past week at home not only packing for camp, but also pre-filming and writing videos and posts so that I could schedule them for these weeks I am away. SO get excited for content coming each Sunday and the weekly Instagram update!

Anyways, I am off!! Bon voyage for now! Click here to read my other camp post.


Winnie Gordon