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Sevilla | Spain Adventures 3/3

I will say, Sevilla was the city I was most excited about for our Spanish trek because this is where my mom lived when she studied abroad her junior year of college. Growing up, I have heard countless stories about Mom’s time in Sevilla and the various adventures she went on from there. Before leaving the states, Mom actually sent me a google maps that had her apartment and school pinned and while we were walking through the streets of Sevilla, I was able to see her street and where I was in relation to her house and school.

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Madrid | Spain Adventures 2/3

After two full days in Barcelona (read more here) , my friends, chaperones, teachers, and I loaded up on a bus and drove about seven hours to Madrid. By driving, we were able to see some really neat parts of Spain! I am not kidding, old castles and beautiful stone buildings that date back to hundreds of years ago, lined the main highway. Mind blowing.

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Barcelona | Adventures in Spain 1/3

Hello hello! I am back in the states after being in Spain on a school trip for the past 10 days and I just can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! While in Spain, we traveled to three different cities, starting with Barcelona, then to Madrid, and finally, Sevilla. I figured the best way to tell y’all about my time in Spain is to do a post on each city we visited, so today we are starting with Barcelona!

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