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The Lords of Discipline Book Review

I randomly sifted through one of the bookshelves in my house and one found The Lords of Disciple by Pat Conroy, one of the books that my mom has always raved about so I thought I would give it a go. I’m not so sure why I was so hesitant in reading this book because as my mama told me, it turned out to be SO GOOD and it is definitely one of my favorites.

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Between Shades of Gray Book Review

History is easily one of my favorite subjects in school. Discussions and books related to WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII have always specifically interested me. I guess I am just intrigued by the hundreds of thousands of different personal views and stories that originate from that time in history. This is why when a few friends of mine recommended the book, Between Shades of Gray, I knew it would be next on my list of books to read. 

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The Notebook Book Review

As I mentioned in my Summer Goals Post the other week, this summer I am in competition with the rest of my family to read 10 books before school starts. One of the books on my reading list was The Notebook (click here to view the rest of my summer reading list). Last week while I was at the beach, I burned through The Notebook, so today I will be sharing my own thoughts on this novel. Enjoy!

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Finals Aren't That Bad // How to Study Like a Pro

Sophomore in high school. When do your classes end? 

As ecstatic as we are about summer, we do have to trudge through finals first. Believe it or not, I have managed to somewhat enjoy finals. I know, I know that seems nearly impossible. Of course, I don't enjoy taking tests but I do find peace in getting organized and going out with a bang. Today, I will be sharing my seven top tips to use when it comes to studying for finals. Hopefully, these helpful hints will help y'all find a little joy in such a stressful time of year.

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