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Off to Camp!!

Happy Sunday y’all! This past week has been my last week at home for the rest of the summer which is just crazy!! Yesterday, I drove up to camp with Sarah and will be here for the next FIVE WEEKS! Although I will sadly not be a camper this summer, I am going to be on work crew which is essentially a group of gals who clean the dishes and kitchen, serve breakfast, and are kind of the camp’s kitchen maintenance crew.

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Settling into Spring & Other Updates

Well, hello hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Over the past few weeks, I feel like quite a bit has happened. A lot of things have come and gone and I am currently settling into these last few weeks of junior year. I have been rather absent over here on the blog for a while, so today I wanted to take a moment to give y’all a little life update and some things to expect on the blog!

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